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Plants & Poets Cafe is a Vegan cafe that specializes in delicious panini's, soups, smoothies, cold pressed juice, mushroom coffee
and quinoa bowls named after legendary artists, singers, poets and leaders.

Plants & Poets is a local artist hub located inside the Gilbert Gant Art Collective building located 505 Clinton Avenue, Newark, NJ. Plant & Poets Cafe will be the first vegan comedy -poetry club in the state of NJ providing nightlife for the vegan and art community featuring live bands, singers, rappers, spoken word, movie premiers and more.

We take pride in using healthy grains and organic fruits and vegetables.

We will be open late until 11pm Friday thru SUnday and open until 10PM Mon-Weds and close at 6pm on Thursday's. Plants & Pizza is the next big thing in the vegan community as we will offer Uber eats, Grub hub, DoorDash as well as deliveries to corporate offices, hospitals and schools.

Founder Rashena Burroughs is on her 5th vegan concept continuing her legacy of the Blueberry Cafe, The Zucchini Bar, Aqua Phit water Bar & Gym and Magic Cones Vegan Ice Cream Parlor. Along with her partner and Ceo's Gennis Bernard, Chef Joseph Alexander and Anthony Alexander they will continue to bring quality organic food that is 100% plant based and delicious.

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